Teruel Airport (IATA: TEV, ICAO: LETL) is an airport near Teruel in the Teruel Province of Spain. Known under the commercial name Plataforma Aeroportuaria-Teruel (PLATA), it was certified for public use by the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA) on 5 February 2013, after being repurposed from an original military airbase. Permission for air operations was granted by the AESA on 28 February 2013. The airport serves as an aircraft maintenance and aircraft storage facility for the Tarmac Aerosave company, and has no passenger traffic. PLATA is owned by a consortium formed by the Government of Aragon and Teruel City Council, and does not belong to Aena Group, the Spanish airports management company. The dry climate makes the airport suitable for long-term aircraft storage, with capacity for 250 aircraft. During the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately 100 grounded planes were parked there. The airport includes a main building with a control tower as well as a basic terminal, but is not equipped to handle passenger traffic. An aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) station is located next to the terminal. Also on site are three main maintenance and part-removal hangars (the original one for Boeing 747s and the newest for Airbus A340s).

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Key Features

Teruel Airport (LETL)
Fully detailed buildings at the airport
Detailed ground markings
Actual taxiway layout
Dynamic Lighting
Higher resolution textures
Static Aircrafts on airport


Developer: Virtual Sim Solutions
Size: 293.66 MB
Version: 1.0.0
Available since: 13-01-2024